Pallet Picnic Table

pallet picnic table

There is really no limit to what you can do with pallets. This image above was shared with us via our facebook page and we absolutely love it!

There’s a couple ways you can go when building a picnic table from pallets… you could break them down completely and use them to build a table from the pallets components that resembles a more traditional picnic table. Or, you could try and use the pallets “as is” as much as possible so you get something like the table pictured above.

I did find a basic schematic for the above pictured table. 4 pallets, hook em together! Here’s the link… – Make Furniture Using Pallets

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Over 50 Canning Recipes In Seasonal Order

tons of canning recips by season

This is a really good resource for any of you who are into canning. Can your fruits and veggies practically all year round. Just follow the seasons and can what you can when you can and when it’s in season!

I will definitely be trying out the jalapeno salsa canning recipe. Nothing beats fresh salsa with some good corn chips no matter what time of the year it is.

See the whole list right here…

Can Me Up! 50 Plus Canning Recipes

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Comfy DIY Pallet Sofa Plans

Comfy Pallet Sofa

It has been a while since I did any pallet projects and my fingers are practically itching to find my next one. Home Jelly has this awesome and simple sofa and I’m happy to show it off here today. (Maybe this will be my next project?) Not only will this be a comfy and cozy place to nap but it will be a great place to store stuff too. Bonus!

Find out how to make your own here…

HomeJelly – Pallet Sofa Makes For 5 Star Naps

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Turn Painter’s Plastic Into Hours of Water Bed Fun

DIY Water Blob

It was 75 degrees here the other day. Summer? No, it was just a teaser. But it did get me thinking about summer and how I should start stockpiling ideas and coming up with projects to do. I have seen a few variations on the water blob (sometimes called the best use of painters plastic ever) but I really like this one. Using an iron to seal in the water is a brilliant idea!

Check it out here…

HomemadeToast – DIY Leak Proof Water Blob

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19 DIY Pallet Garden Planter Ideas

19 Pallet Garden Planters

I’m so excited to feature all of the terrific pallet garden planter ideas from Mixer 2 Mower. I guarantee that there are some you haven’t seen and will want to try. I have fallen hard for the slot together planter and the flower box. With all the pallet projects for the yard and garden it gets hard to choose what to do. Maybe these will help you decide?!

Find all 19 here…

Mixer2Mower – 19 Garden Planters Made From Pallets

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Pallet Into A Vertical Strawberry Planter

The Best Pallet Planter You Will Ever Find

Who doesn’t love pallet projects? Pallets are the best! I’m excited to feature this strawberry pallet planter from Instructables. This is especially great because as your plants grow they will grow out the sides and through the slats of the pallet. It will be awesome.

Trust me, it is awesome. Go see for yourself! Here’s the link to the plans…

Instructables – Make A Better Strawberry Pallet Planter

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DIY Owl Cake Tutorial

DIY Owl Cake

This cake is almost too cute to eat! It would be a hit at any party. Cakes should be fun and unique to your special event and this one fits that bill! I think it would be a “hoot” at a graduation party. I’m thinking vanilla with chocolate frosting…

See how to make your own here…

MyInnerNeedToCreate – Owl Cake For Baby Shower

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Pain Relieving Cayenne Salve Recipe

cayenne salve recipe

Cayenne has many health benefits, not to mention, it is delicious for flavoring dishes. It can boost your immune system, help your heart, relieve migraines, and with this salve, relieve pain. I’m excited to feature Herb Mentor and this tutorial on how to make an all natural pain relieving salve. **warning** this stuff is hot hot hot! Be sure and wash you hands after using it. Brilliant!

Find the ‘how-to’ here…

HerbMentor – Easing Pain With A Cayenne Salve

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